Hostile Planet: Volume 2 Soundtrack Out Now

The second soundtrack album for the new National Geographic series, Hostile Planet and is based on the music from the Jungles and Grasslands episodes.

This album has been composed by Benhamin Wallfisch, who has previously worked on major movies including Shazam and Hellboy.

Here is the track list for this new album:

1. Jungle Canopy (2:29)
2. Booted Rocket Tail (3:56)
3. Electric Storm (2:21)
4. Bending Branches (1:55)
5. Flooded Forest (4:21)
6. Jaguar Hunt (3:39)
7. Elephant Wisdom (1:04)
8. Bison v Wolves (4:35)
9. Mega Herd (5:41)
10. Trees v Cordyceps (6:06)
11. Fires (3:43)
12. Wiser To the World (1:48)


You can download Hostile Planet: Jungles & Grasslands now from retailers including Amazon



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