‘Hostile Planet’ Vol. 3 Desserts & Polar Soundtrack Out Now

The third soundtrack album for the National Geographic series, Hostile Planet, has been released on digital platforms.

This album features music from the final two episodes, Desserts and Polar, which have been composed by Benjamin Wallfisch, who previously worked on Shazam! and Blade Runner 2049.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Emperor (6:09)
2. Emperor Chick (5:33)
3. Surviving Winter (3:32)
4. Gentoo Penguins (4:03)
5. Stranded (4:52)
6. Beluga Whale (1:22)
7. Polar Survival (1:58)
8. Arabian Wolf (3:02)
9. Lizards, Hyenas and Harpsichords (7:14)
10. Hawk Chase (4:16)
11. Muskox (2:12)
12. Hawks V Bats (2:13)

You can download this album now from on Amazon.


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