Plea to the Force: No More Death, Please: RIP Peter Mayhew

Welp, we’ve heard the news. Peter Mayhew, actor of Chewbacca the Wookie, has died. That makes three regular Star wars cast members who have died, including beloved Carrie Fisher.

Universe, please stop taking Star Wars cast members from us. Carrie was a blow to our hearts and hope. Peter was a blow to everyone who remembered the Wookie fondly.

Chewbacca the Wookie

Chewie has always been Han Solo’s wingman. He helps pilot the Millennium Falcon, protects Han’s back when the nerf-herder bites off more than he can chew.

Chewbacca won the audience when he first appeared onscreen. He speaks his mind, though only a handful of people can understand his grunting. As the conscience to Han and the brute force, he takes no betrayal well. He initially attacks Luke when the latter puts handcuffs on him, until Han explains it’s a plan for them to sneak in and rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star. They open fire at the soonest opportunity. Chewie also nearly breaks Lando’s neck for being forced to surrender them to the Empire.

Everyone loves Chewie. Han and Luke do, as do Threepio and R2. On a special crossover with The Muppet Show, Luke and the droids come to his rescue when Gonzo kidnaps Chewie for a variety skit. Chewbacca of course dances when the occasion calls for it.

Mayhew had to retire from being Chewbacca for The Last Jedi because he was in his seventies, but they kept him as a consultant. That’s how much he mattered. The new actor has big Wookie feet to fill.

We’re going to miss you, sir. We love you, and we hope you can tell Carrie the same.


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