The Jungle Book PC Review

Recently GOG re-released a classic side strolling game from the early 90’s, based on Disney’s The Jungle Book. You play as Mowgli, who can jump on and throw bananas at enemies to defeat them, working through many different levels from the movie, encountering characters like Kaa, Baloo, King Louie and Shere Khan along the way.

271e67fc85274e8e870dc28ac6c351d701815c79e58054eb325de169e5f2fa03_product_card_screenshot_600_2x I’ve always loved this game, it can be a little difficult, as many games in those days were as they did require lots of repetitive play since there wasn’t any save states and playing the early few levels did just bring back some memories.

The main platforming goes both horizontal and vertical, and while it might not be as well known compared to other Disney games from this era like Aladdin, Ducktales etc, and it’s a shame Disney don’t make too many games like this anymore (the recent Finding Dory playset for Disney Infinity is the closest).


This port means the classic retro game is now playable on Windows, Linux and Mac, and with this being a port of the DOS version, so is slightly different when compared to the console versions. It was also released on the Master System, NES, Gamegear, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy, so if you played the game back then, the device used could make this port look better or worse, personally I played the Genesis version, which is slightly better than the DOS version graphically, so playing an emulated version or playing the original cartridge on a retro console might give a slightly better experience, however this port being available easily and allowing fans to experience a retro classic.

The port itself seemed to work pretty well, my Xbox One controller worked fine and bar not being able to resize the window, I didn’t have any issues while playing. Though I do feel this re-release does feel slightly overpriced for a basic port of a 20+ game.


It’s a really fun game for those who played it in their childhood and for fans of the movie who fancy a solid side strolling platformer that does hold up all these years later. And with the recent live action of the Jungle Book hitting screens, this could be a good experience for new fans to have some retro gaming fun, with well known characters.

Here is a video of me playing the Jungle Book:

Did you play The Jungle Book when it was first released?


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