Pop! Review: Peter Pan (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Since late last year through the beginning of 2017, we have seen quite a few Disney Pop! Vinyl releases from Funko that have been Hot Topic exclusive… Stitch, Angel, and Scrump 3pk, Lady and the Tramp 2pk, Queen of Hearts, Maleficent (with Chase), the Ursula & Cruella¬†2pk, etc. It seems that, at least with the classic Disney movie characters, Hot Topic is the US based home for their exclusivity. Included in this mix is a recently released updated version of our beloved “boy who never grows up”, Peter Pan. Featuring a flying pose, thanks to a new base being used by Funko, let’s take a look at an unboxing video of this new Pop! Vinyl, followed up by some photos.

Okay, and here are the pics.

Now, this version of Peter Pan has Peter “flying” over the ground, thanks to a new base Funko has created, which we seem to be seeing a lot more of with characters in flight or in a jumping action pose. Peter here is a perfect choice for this new base.

Overall, I really like the new Peter Pan. I feel he goes quite well with the Disney Treasures release of Smee back in April (and possibly an upcoming flying Tinker Bell if the new advertisements for the August box have any validity). I really hope we also get a new Captain Hook release soon, as that’s a Disney Villain that deserves a new design.

What do you think of this new Peter Pan Pop! Vinyl? Were you able to add him to your collection? Let us know your thoughts below.


Travis D.

Feature Editor for DisKingdom.com and PopVinyls.com.
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