Star Wars #41 Review

Issue 41 of Star Wars is the fourth part of this story, with Luke Skywalker below the planet of Jedha, dealing with some odd weird Jedi followers in the awesome lava filled location and with Han Solo and Leia trying to stop the destruction of the planet, as well as trying to convince Partisans to act more like Rebels than terrorists.

The nod to how Han Solo and Leia come up with a plan to use the Snow Speeder’s tow cable against the huge machine, since the events of Empire Strikes Back haven’t happened yet, but it’s a nice action scene to add to the story and a cool way of developing Han and Leia’s dynamic.

There is also an odd addition of adding Chewbacca to the story, as are so many questions regarding what Luke Skywalker could be taught and who these mysterious people are, only to suddenly see Luke Skywalker coming out of nowhere to rescue him, which currently feels unnecessary and the look of Luke Skywalker in this scene doesn’t match what we saw in the earlier part of the book, which just felt out of place.

It makes sense that Luke Skywalker knows he must be patient and rushing to become a Jedi could pull him to the Dark Side, which the planet also pulls on the Dark Side, but this just doesn’t give any real satisfaction.

OVERALL:  As the fourth issue in this series, this feels more about continuing the story than delivering a finale, plus Star Wars titles have a tendency to leave everything in status quo, as we know all the events ahead of them.  It’s a fabulous looking comic, as the art style really shows off the amazing Jedha planet, but sadly the story just doesn’t go anywhere.

REVIEW SCORE:  6 out of 10

Here is a look at this issue:


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