Review: NBX Select Series 3 & 4 Action Figures (Diamond Select)

For today’s review, I take a look at The Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) Select Collection, Series 3 & 4. These action figures, released by Diamond Select, features characters from the hit Tim Burton stop-motion film. I previously reviewed Series 1 & 2 for, and once again Diamond Select was kind enough to send over these newest two series of figures for me to take a look at. Thanks guys!

Let’s take a closer look at each of the figures.


Series 3: Pumpkin King, Santa Claus, and Lock, Shock, & Barrel

Each of the series so far comes with a version of Jack Skellington (Series 1 had regular Jack and Series 2 had Santa Jack, or “Sandy Claws”). Series 3 has Jack as the Pumpkin King, direct from the first moment we see him in Halloweentown. He comes with a display stand, part of the Town Square (more on that later), and a torch. Try as I might, I could not get him to actual hold said torch, because of the instability and thinness of his arms and hands. Still, though, a fun look.

Next up is Santa Claus, who comes with his hat, the Naughty/Nice list, part of the Town Square, and an elf. There is some assembly required with the back part of Santa’s suit. Sadly, might doesn’t seem to line up perfectly, leaving a tiny gap where the plastic pieces should be butt-up to one another.


Last up is the trio of tricky trick-or-treaters, Lock, Shock & Barrel. The standout for me of this series, they each come with their mask, as well as a lollipop and their cursed tub that they travel around in. So cool!

Here is a look at Series 3 together.

Uh oh, better get through Series 4 quick before Barrel lights the elf up for stealing the lollipop!


Series 4: Pajama Jack, Zero, and Behemoth & Corpse Boy

Pajama Jack is up first, and he has a beautiful array of accessories, including his blackboard used for dreaming up his plans for Christmas, The Scientific Method book, a display stand, and Zero’ bed. I personally feel that this is the best looking, and most movie accurate, Jack to date.

Up next is Zero, who comes with a display stand, his doghouse, part of the Town Square, and his food bowl (with candy cane).

And he can even (kinda) fit in his dog bed when off his display stand.

Last up is Behemoth & Corpse Boy. Behemoth is a fan favorite of this movie, and has been appearing more and more in merchandise (Funko Pop! Vinyl/ Mystery Minis and Disney Vinylmation included him eventually), which is fun to see. For this figure, he comes packaged with Corpse Boy (a character that is even rarer in merchandise), a piece to the Town Square, a present, and Vampire Teddy (another fan favorite). I wish the Vampire Teddy was made so it could stand on its’ own, but that’s basically the only complaint I have over this fun set.

And here is a look at Series 4 together.


Okay, so about this Town Square you have heard me mentioning. Over Series 2, 3 and 4, select figures came with a piece to form the Town Square:

Series 2: Santa Jack (1/4 base), Dr. Finkelstein (1/4 base)

Series 3: Pumpkin King (fountain), Santa Claus (1/4 base)

Series 4: Zero (fountain base), Behemoth & Corpse Boy (1/4 base)


When assembled together, they form the complete Town Square. Pictured below is what came in Series 3 and 4 (left) and the completed Town Square on the packaging (right). My other two base pieces are with my first two series of NBX Select figures, which got packed away when I moved the beginning of the year, Sadly, my new place does not have the space to display a drop of everything I want to. Womp Womp.

I love the look of the Town Square. It’s a great additional diorama piece to the NBX Select Collection.


Overall, Diamond Select did a great job bringing to life these characters in Series 3 and Series 4. I am looking forward of what’s to come with this line, which I got a glimpse of at Toy Fair last month. The next two series looks to feature some really fun citizens of Halloweentown that we don’t normally get merchandise of, so I am excited.

If you would like to add some (or all) of what you saw in this review, don’t forget to visit our friends over at Entertainment Earth. Series 3 is temporarily out of stock, but Series 4 is in stock, and they are taking orders for Series 5! Additionally, there are many other fun NBX items from Diamond Select there.

Special thanks again to Diamond Select for sending these guys over for me to review.






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