5 New Characters Join Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

A new update has been released for the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode mobile game, bringing 5 new characters from Aladdin, Moana and Big Hero 6 into the game plus much more.

The new update also brings The Heist to all servers. The Heist is a 5-player, real-time, cooperative mode where you work together to catch the elusive Thief who is relieving the City of its key valuables.  This mode has been running on Server 1 since the 1.2 release and has received several tuning and bug fixing updates.

There have also been a couple smaller new features in Guild Perks and the Friend Finder. The new Guild Perks add both breadth and depth to the system and a whole new level: Guild Level 3. The Friend Finder is a handy new way to manage your Friend Campaigns.

  • Five new heroes:
    • Moana from Disney’s Moana

Moana is a mid-line damage hero! Moana’s hero chips can be found in the Coliseum on Servers 1-8, and in the Elite Campaign on Servers 9-12.

  • Aladdin and The Genie from Disney’s Aladdin

The Genie is a mid-line control hero! The Genie’s hero chips will be available in the VIP Crate on Servers 1-8.

Aladdin is a front-line damage hero! Aladdin’s hero chips are available as the September sign-in reward on all servers.

  • Hiro and Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6

Baymax is a front-line tank hero! Baymax’s hero chips will be available in the Diamond Crate on Servers 1-8.

Hiro is a mid-line control hero! Hiro’s hero chips will be available in the Elite Campaign on Servers 1-8.

  • The Heist:
    • Work with 4 other players to catch the Thief in this real-time cooperative mode
    • Now playable for everyone!
  • New Guild Perks
  • Polish, improvements, bug fixes, and more

More details were also announced on what is coming to the game in the future:

What’s Coming Next?

We don’t always discuss what’s coming next in Disney Heroes:Battle Mode, in part because plans can change, but also because surprises are fun! But we wanted to take a little time with this release to cover the future…

We’re currently working on a feature called Challenges:

  • These are like bite-sized Contests (for example, beat City Watch on hard mode without using Yax) that you can do to win Stickers.
  • Stickers are unique pieces of art that are collected in books. Other players can see your stickers and books.
  • The current plan is for everyone to get 2 free challenges every Wednesday and have the week to work on them.
  • We will also have some other Challenges you can do anytime that can be purchased with diamonds.
  • Depending on further testing, we’re currently planning to release the Challenges feature with the 1.4, or possibly sooner.

Our next big feature is Guild Wars:

  • Guild Wars will take place over month-long Seasons. During a Season, guilds earn points for victories and progress up through 6 leagues.
  • Each individual war will be a head-to-head fight between two guilds.
  • Guild Wars last 2 days. The first day is a prep day where you can sabotage (!) other players. The second day is for attacks.
  • Attacks are Coliseum style with 3 lineups of 5 heroes each. Attackers will be able to trigger their heroes’ skills manually.
  • Defenders, in turn, will have defensive bonuses. There are nine battlefield locations where defenders can be placed. Each one has a unique bonus that defenders in ALL locations receive. Attackers need to clear out a location to remove the bonus.
  • There’s a good deal more to Guild Wars… but this gives you a high-level overview!
  • As with The Heist, we plan to take a cautious approach with Guild Wars, “beta” testing it properly on one server first and refining before releasing the feature game-wide.

After Guild Wars, our plan is build a big Tournament feature:

  • The current plan is a server-wide event where all players fight their way through a mini “campaign” (i.e. series of battles) that get progressively harder
  • Both players and guilds earn rewards depending on how far they progress through the campaign
  • Each campaign will feature different heroes who get buffs for that campaign.
  • Tournament rewards will likely include a variety of items, but the primary reward will be a new way to add power and customization to your heroes
    • This new power will be tied to the Orange rank

Last, but not least, we are working on ways to make playing the game easier:

  • As we add big new features, we don’t want playing Disney Heroes:Battle Mode to become a chore
  • So we’re looking at ways to make some modes less time consuming (looking at you, City Watch!)
  • And we’re also looking at ways to make managing your heroes and their progress simpler (Friend Campaigns and Missions in particular are getting a bit unwieldy after Team Level 70)
  • Our plan is to sprinkle these quality-of-life improvements in among the bigger features over the next few updates


Full patch notes can be found here


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