Tsum Tsum Tuesday: Marvel Mystery Packs Series 3

Today on the snowy Tsum Tsum Tuesday here in the Northeast, I wanted to take a look at the complete line of JAKKS Pacific’s Marvel Tsum Tsum Series 3 Mystery Stack Packs. Consisting of 15 individual medium vinyl Tsum Tsum with a themed stackable accessory, this blind pack set is currently available at retailers nationwide.

Click to see previous reviews of Series 1 and Series 2 of these Marvel Tsum Tsum Mystery Packs. 

Here is a closer look at Series 3.

This series see an expansion of The Avengers collection, the Spider-Man Universe, and The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Drax, Gamora, & Groot come with interlocking bases.

Overall, I like this extension of the Marvel line. Prior to completing the set, last week I unbagged a few of them over at our YouTube channel.

 Will we be seeing more Marvel Tsum Tsum series from JAKKS Pacific throughout 2017? I have a feeling that we will, and I am looking forward to seeing what characters they will add to the lineup. X-Men maybe? We shall see.

Have you gotten any of the Marvel Tsum Tsum Series 3 Mystery Packs?  Which ones are your favorites? Let us know below. 

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