Star Wars Adventures: Forces Of Destiny – Rey | Review

This issue of Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny focuses on Rey on Jakku, retelling what we saw in the opening scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when she discovers BB-8 and expanding on what happened after she found BB-8 and took it to the Nima Outpost.

One of the greatest things about this comic book is the artwork, its got a unique style, which is very similar to the Forces Of Destiny animated shorts and much superior to last weeks Leia issue.

Rey is shown as a loving person and also fully able to look after herself in many ways, showcasing a excellent role model.  Which is one of the key aspects to the Forces Of Destiny franchise, through dolls, animation and comic books.  And I really like how this series is aiming at a younger comic book audience, its got that family feeling to it, where an adult could read it with a child to introduce them into comic books. So its easy to see why the story is kept so simple and keeping everything contained within one issue is better for younger audiences.

There are a few great moments in this issue, such as Rey having a nightmare about her parents leaving her on Jakku and rescuing BB-8, with lots of great action scenes.  While having touching bonding moments between the two characters and also adding in some additional new content by having a Sand Monster trying to eat BB-8, which helps flush out the story and isn’t just a complete retelling of The Force Awakens.

For older Star Wars fans, I would suggest reading the Marvel ones instead, from a story point of view, I’d love to see the art style from this series involved in an original tale, since its a joy to look at.  It’s simple and almost feels like a Saturday morning cartoon, its pure escapism and I’m sure lots of people will get a kick out of this series.

OVERALL:  This Forces Of Destiny Rey issue looks fantastic but is simply retelling the opening segment of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that could have been released 2 years ago.  I really wish this had been an original story set just prior to the events of the movie, as the art style is fantastic, but was a huge let down since its feels like a missed opportunity.



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